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Monthly Cash Thru Options (MCTO) is a options advisory & trading services firm that offers a credit spread & iron condor service (IC1) that represents a non-directional options trading strategy.

IC1 Service

The MCTO credit spread & iron condor service (IC1) is an options advisory & educational newsletter that focuses on non-directional, income generating, 90% probability index credit spreads and iron condors. Iron condors represent a strategy of selling options, not buying. The advantage of being on the other side of the trade and being the seller is that it's a well known fact that 80% of all option contracts expire worthless - i.e. the buyers of options lose 100% of the premium that they pay to open the directional trade.

Additional advantages of Iron Condors are the following: 1) They are relatively simple to learn and visualize; 2) They require only a few hours per week; 3) They make monthly income during upward trending, sideways or downward trending markets - as long as the market stays within a plus/minus 10% range over 20 trading days; 4) They do NOT require you to sit in front of the computer watching your trades; 5) They do NOT require you to become an options expert on myriad options strategies; 6) They generate consistent, monthly income.

We open our trades primarily on the S&P 500 index (SPY & SPX), the NASDAQ 100 index (NDX & MNX), and the Russell 2000 Small-cap index (RUT & IWM).

The IC1 Service makes an excellent 5% to 10% return monthly, or 35% to 65% annually. This strategy achieved returns of 42% in 2012, 47% in 2011, 34% in 2010, 92% in 2009, 33% in 2008, 63% in 2007, and 42% in 2006. For more details on our returns please visit the ROI Track Record page. For more information on how we're able to generate these consistent returns and how we manage risk please read Why Market Timing is Important. For more on why we think index iron condor & credit spreads are a good strategy to learn, please read Top Reasons. To see an example advisory please go to Example Advisories. To see how we compare to our competitors please read How We're Different. To see what our subscribers are saying about the IC1 Service please visit Testimonials. Finally, to try the IC1 service please sign-up for a FREE 30 day trial.



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 How We're Different

Learn how we compare to our competition and why our subscribers tell us that the detail, thoroughness and clarity of our advisories are unmatched.

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 90% Probability Trades

We primarily leverage 90% probability credit spreads versus 70% probability spreads that many other advisories use.  Find out why.

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 Top Reasons To Learn

Top reasons why you should learn index credit spreads and iron condors FIRST before spending time on any other strategy.

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 How We Use Market Timing

We spend a lot of time monitoring macro-level economic and investor sentiment indicators to reduce downside risk and to time our trades.

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 Excellent Testimonials

Read what some of our subscribers are saying about our options advisory service.

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 Referral Rewards Program

Refer a new customer and receive one month FREE.

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