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Thank you for your interest in signing up for the FREE Monthly Cash Thru Options (MCTO) blog feed. We make posts to our blog several times per week on our analysis of the stock market, predictions on its future movement based on technical analysis, thoughts about our current recommended index credit spread and iron condor options, and tips, tricks and best practices to be successful with index credit spreads and iron condors. A note to our active and trial subscribers - we still will be sending the weekly, Sunday night advisory out via email, but most other communication, especially time-critical market and trade updates, will be sent through blog postings.

There are 3 ways to receive the MCTO blog:

1) Visit the MCTO blog daily to see if we've made any new posts.  This is the most inefficient approach to monitoring a blog and it's not recommended.  It is ok to visit the blog periodically for posted articles, but when it comes to time-critical posts such as market and trade updates, you could easily miss one of them.

2) Sign-up for our blog feed so it is automatically "streamed" to your blog feed reader. (also called a feed aggregator)  This is the recommended approach to monitor the MCTO blog, and all other blogs that you will eventually sign-up for.

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You now have two options when using a feed reader:

A) Use the blog feed reader capabilities within Internet Explorer.  To sign up for the MCTO blog feed and to use Internet Explorer, please click on the box below and click on "subscribe to this feed" in the yellow box.  This will add the MCTO Blog to the Windows Common Feed List.  (Common Feed List is a file that resides in Windows Vista that holds a consolidated list of feeds that you have signed-up for)

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To view the blog feeds that you have signed-up for, click on the "Favorites" button at the top left of Internet Explorer, and then click on the "Feeds" tab.


B) Use a feed reader from a 3rd party company.  You can use either a web-based feed reader or a desktop feed reader that is installed on your computer. The advantage of using a web-based feed reader is that you can access your feeds from any computer that has web access. 

Below are a few popular web-based feed readers:

Once you register for a web-base reader, or install a desktop reader on your computer, you need to "Subscribe to a feed" within the application and enter the following address:  This should complete the set-up where you now will automatically receive updates of the MCTO posts as they are posted.

3) Sign-up to have our blog posts sent directly to your email in-box.  You can sign-up for this option by entering your email address below, and this is a free service.  However, the major drawback of this approach is that there could be a delay of up to 24 hours from the time when we made our post to when you receive the email of the post in your in-box.  So if you are an active or trial subscriber, you can sign up for this option if you wish, but it's also recommended to use a feed reader since our "Trade and Market Update" posts are time sensitive and usually need to be viewed within 1 to 3 hours.

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