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Directional Alpha Collection 
(DAC1) Autotrade Service
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The Directional Alpha Collection Service (DAC1) identifies high probability, long and short directional trades on highly liquid stocks using a proprietary 4 level scanner comprising both technical and fundamental analysis. The objective of the service is to extract maximum gain from a strong directional move in a short period of time. Each trade is either bullish or bearish, is an in-the-money (ITM) long call or put, and is typically open for 4 to 21 days. The bullish trades are on fundamentally strong companies that have high probability bullish technical setups. The bearish trades are on fundamentally weak companies that have high probability bearish technical setups. Three percent of capital is allocated to each trade where each trade represents an individual statistical event.

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How to Set Up the Autotrade Rule

Autotrade is a system that allows MCTO to send trade alerts to your broker to automatically make trades in your brokerage account. The minimum required capital for the DAC1 autotrade service is $10,000. We currently offer autotrading for the DAC1 service through TD Ameritrade, eOption, OptionsRoute and Autoshares. Autotrading through TradingBlock and Global Autotrading / Interactive Brokers will be available shortly.

Please refer to the following steps to set up an autotrade rule in your brokerage account.

Step 1: Sign-up as a paying subscriber to the DAC1 service. We offer a special rate for first-time subscribers of $5 for the first month.
Step 2: Log into your brokerage account and navigate to the autotrade page.
Step 3: Select the DAC1 service, and in the pull-down parameter window select “Specified Quantity” or “Specified Number of Contracts”.
Step 4: Input number of contracts. To calculate the number of contracts divide the total amount of capital you wish to allocate to the DAC1 strategy by $10,000. For example, if you wish to allocated $30,000 to the strategy the number you would enter would be "3" because $30,000 divided by $10,000 is 3. For this example of setting the "specified quantity" to 3, each time we send a trade alert to the broker, quantity 3 of the trade will be opened in your account.

If you have any questions about setting up your rule please contact us. If you wish to self-manage this strategy it's recommended to use the TOTD service, which is similar but has a lower trade frequency.

To talk to someone about this service please call 877-248-7455, or email us at



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