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How Is Monthly Cash Thru Options Different From Its Competition?

1) We primarily use 90% probability iron condors & credit spread options, and as a result we have a solid 9 year track record.  Many of our index iron condor competitors use 70% probability trades that have a propensity to have higher losses during volatile times, and because most of them had large losses in 2008 most stopped showing their monthly returns on their websites.  For more on the topic of 90% versus 70% trades, please read 90% Vs 70% Probability Iron Condors.  For more details on our returns please visit the ROI Track Record Page

2) You will receive the most complete and detailed advisories on the market today, and you will learn more from us than from any of our competitors. We continuously hear from our subscribers that our competition doesn't come close to providing the analysis & detail that we provide.  If you don't believe us, please sign-up for a few other iron condor newsletters and see what you get. We're confident that after a few months you'll agree that our advisories are unmatched in detail, depth of analysis and clarity.  To see what a typical advisory looks like please go to the Example Iron Condor Advisories page. 

3) We spend a lot of time each week watching big-picture, macro level market and investor sentiment indicators, also known as market timing.  Watching macro level indicators is extremely important as it helps us reduce our downside exposure when the indicators and overall health of the economy start looking unhealthy. Most of our competitors do NOT spend enough time, if any at all, on market timing and we believe this is key in growing and protecting our capital over the long run. For more information on our approach please read Why Market Timing.

4) We have one of the best and most complete Learning Centers as compared to any of our iron condor competitors. Please visit our Learning Center to see for yourself.

5) We don't arbitrarily open our iron condors at the end of each month like some of our competitors do. We closely monitor the technical indicators and moving averages of the broad based indexes, we closely watch the earnings & economic calendars, and the dates of upcoming special announcements by the Federal Reserve and Treasury. Armed with this information, we then exhibit tremendous patience when deciding to "leg" into our credit spreads, usually opening our bull put and bear call spreads at different times. This is why we have fewer losing months and have an excellent track record as shown on our ROI Track Record page.

6) Once in a blue moon our credit spreads will get into trouble and go in-the-money (ITM), maybe once every three to four years.  If they do, we know how to roll our credit spreads from month-to-month, giving us an excellent chance of getting back at least 70% of our original risk capital. We've noticed that most of our competitors just throw in the towel if their spreads go ITM and don't bother with rolling, which is very unfortunate and translates to a 100% loss for their subscribers. In contrast, if any of our trades go ITM, we hate losing money and we'll fight to the end to recover a large % of our original risk capital. We also have the largest collection of case studies in our Learning Center on adjustments and rolling scenarios, giving our subscribers the knowledge that they need to get through difficult times.

7) You have the flexibility to first try our service FREE for 30 days, after that you would pay month-to-month with the option to cancel at any time.  We are honest people and we will refund a subscriber's money at any time when requested.

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