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Below are real, unsolicited emails from some of our subscribers

I wanted to thank you and your team for another outstanding year! For me your last letter contained the embodiment of your professionalism and why I like what you do so much better than others that claim they offer similar service.

Mark K., received 12/24/2012, Lafayette, California

I think you have done an excellent job with the recent months volatility and would like to renew my auto-trade subscription for 6 more months.....

Barak S., received 1/20/2012, Mortlake, Australia

BTW, I really appreciate the way you take the time to explain all of the charts and trades, it really sets you apart.

Jamie J., received 1/10/2012, Toronto, Canada

Wow - what a comprehensive assessment.  Very impressive.  I've never taken the time to give you any feedback on your reports before, but I have to let you know that I find them to be very valuable.  Thank you.

Richard N., received 1/3/2012, Chicago, IL

Dear MCTO team - please cancel my membership to your service. You have provided a profitable and professional service, and I would like to thank you for that. For personal reasons I need to stop trading.

Gerry L., received 11/30/2011, Macon, GA

I really appreciate your team's effort through these News Driven Markets.

Roger E., received 11/23/2011, San Jose, CA

I am very impressed with the November activity and want to continue.  Thanks for activating trading.  I will be increasing my account balance shortly.  I intend to refer your program to other traders. 

Don B., received 11/22/2011, Golden, CO

Hi Brad, I am a monthly auto trade subscriber to your service. I have a question about.......I have been trading with you for a while and I am impressed with the way you recover from these inevitable, giant market fluctuations. Thank you for your help.

Mike D., received 10/23/2011, Rolla, MO

Hi Brad, thanks for the call back, it was nice to talk with you......I am a student of options and am impressed with your work. Keep up the good work!

Thomas P., received 9/8/2011, Newton, MA

FANTASTIC update Brad. Very good communication. When times are tough, these updates do really help to understand the strategy. Thanks!

Steve C., received 8/12/2011, El Dorado Hills, CA

....by the way, I love MCTO and plan on quitting my day job in the next three years. MCTO is amazing!  Please don't ever stop doing this. I feel MCTO will allow me to live the life I always dreamed of.

Robert P., received 7/27/2011, Trenton, NJ

I looked at about 25 different autotraded option sites/strategies... looked at what made sense to me, ROI history, aggressiveness vs. "safe" philosophies, cash management advice, and the research going into each decision to put a trade on / adjust / wait / roll / exit / do nothing... I'm glad I found you guys.  Looking forward to enjoying more months like the past two, and learning as I go.

John S., received 7/17/2011, Olathe, KS

Thank you for the referral credit.  MCTO is very easy to recommend!  Keep up the good work. 

Travis T., received 7/14/2011, Salem, VA

Brad- yea!!! looks like another good month. Thanks again.

Germain K., received 7/14/2011, Portland, OR

Thank you so much for this detailed explanation. You are amazing! I can't tell you how much this has helped me. I only wish I found you sooner but I'm grateful that I found you now. I love your approach to trading.

Rob P., received 7/6/2011, Trenton, NJ

Brad - Hope you have a great holiday with your family. So glad I'm part of your team.  Thanks so much for MCTO and your hard work.  You are an incredible blessing!

Dan M., 7/3/2011, Fort Worth, TX

My name is John ... and Iím currently an Autotrader subscriber with Monthly Cash Through Options for the past 3 months.  Iím finding that your service is absolutely brilliant, Iím on the other side of the world, and to get the information that you put out is great. Anyway, the question I have is.......  Many thanks for your help, and once again thanks for the great service.

John M., received 7/1/2011, Christchurch, NZ

Keep up the good work! You guys are awesome and I'm learning a lot...

John L., received 6/30/2011, Birmingham, AL

Superb job of opening the put spreads this month. Great timing!

Ken K., received 6/30/2011, Tigard, OR

I really enjoy reading the weekly reports. Very thorough and informative!

Susie C., received 6/27/2011, Foster City, CA

Good month on SPYs. I like that your patient/careful and don't feel like you have to be a gunslinger. THANKS!!

William W., received 6/18/2011, San Francisco, CA

Hi Guys, the June cycle was challenging to say the least. I thought you did a great job navigating a choppy, volatile market. On to July...have a great weekend and all the best.

Steve K., received 6/18/2011, Reno, NV

Brad - Thanks again for meeting us for lunch.  I really enjoyed the visit - you are clearly a real pro and know what you are doing. I am very excited that I found MCTO and met you.  Really looking forward to future trading.

Dan M., received 6/15/2011, Fort Worth, TX

I must admit that I like your service, you always reply quickly and I think your advisories are very good and thoughtful. I was comparing you to other services and yours makes the most sense to me. Thank you.

Radek K., received 6/12/2011, Carlstadt, NJ

Hi Brad, thanks for getting back. For your feedback, you can quote me:   "I have found the MCTO service to be the best service around for this type of trading. I have used many other services in the past, and without a doubt, they are the most informative, keep their eye on the ball as far as market directions, and always have action plans in place in case the markets move into the danger zone. I have no problem in recommending their service to anyone who is interested in having steady income with limited risk. Keep up the good work.

Tony G., received 6/10/2011, Phuket, Thailand

Hi guys - well played this month. Patience is most often a virtue. Better to wait and possibly miss a potentially good opportunity, then to rush in and capitalize on a bad one.  I've learned that the hard way.

John S., received 6/2/2011, Olathe, KS

Brad - I am very happy with your newsletter. Thanks for the great research and quality of your recommendations.

Manhar K., received 6/1/2011, Superior, CO

Brad I am very pleased with your service I have been a member since Oct 2010. I have another Options Express account in an IRA I would like to Auto Trade also. Please let me know what I have to do to activate this account.

Kieth S. received 5/25/2011, Redlands, CA

Brad - I checked my account & wanted to say how pleased I am.  Thanks so much!  Keep up the good work.  This is only my first real month & I like it so much better than what I was doing prior.

Ben W., received 5/25/2011, Cooper City, FL

To the MCTO team - I just wanted to thank you for another great month of solid earnings. I've tried number of automated trading programs but MCTO is the first to really deliver a consistent, positive return.  I'm having to get used to actually making money instead of watching my capital disappear. I'm sure we will take some lumps at some point, but I surely appreciate the care and diligence you exhibit when opening and managing our positions. I've learned a great deal in the past few months, and one of the things I now appreciate that I was clueless about a couple of months ago, is the strategy and care you apply in trying to open our Bull put spreads when the market is at the bottom of the trading range and opening our Bear call spreads when you feel we are near the top. Simple in concept but not so easy to do, and you've done a marvelous job. Thanks again for all of your efforts! They are greatly appreciated and it has been fun to learn so much by reading your advisories and watching what you do each month. All the best. 

Mark J., received 5/24/2011, Grand Junction, CO

Thanks so much for your reply.  I am very happy to be a MCTO customer so far.  Hopefully for years to come.  Love the info and insight. 

Ryan P., received 5/19/2011, Raynham, ME

Great job guys! This was a challenging cycle.

Stephen C., received 5/19/2011, Glen Ellyn, IL

Brad - Thank you so much for following up.  All is fine.  I am so impressed with your company. Thanks again.  It's nice to know I can reach you if I have questions.

Kevin K., received 5/16/2011, Washington, DC

I just wanted to tell you that I'm very happy with your service. Thank you for the thorough weekly analysis and good work overall.

Travis T., received 5/12/2011, Salem, VA

Hi Brad, I just want you to know how thrilled I am with your performance. I know I am with the best and there is no way I could compete with you on my own. Your advisories and timing are so impressive. I know the market will always throw in a few surprises but I can see your system is setup to minimize  the loses. I might actually be able to retire because of the excellent job that your team does.

 Keith L., received 5/9/2011, Dryden, MI  

Hi Brad,  Bravo for your recommendations and your work in general. Thank you for being emotionless and rigorous. I appreciate it a lot.

Guillaume D., received 5/6/2011, Phuket, Thailand

Super job last cycle. Just wish I had found your service before last Sept. I'm going to activate autotrade on a second account, so as soon as they open my account I'll be good to go and can just kick back while you are making me a rich man.  I really like your service and the auto trading takes a lot of stress away from me.

John F., received 4/28/2011, Spring, TX

It's been 4 months since I subscribed to your service and I am writing to let you know that I am very pleased with it. Currently I am using auto-trade with Think or Swim. The account is small but growing thanks to you.

Chris Z., received 4/26/2011, Mineapolis, MN

.....By the way, you do a great job. You obviously do your homework. You were right on about the RUT's 50 day SMA [simple moving average]. I know your watching it now as the RUT is flirting with 820 again. Thanks again for everything.

Mark W., received  4/19/2011, Steilacoom, WA

Just wanted to pass along my thanks for completing the April month in the positive. It was tough but I think you did a good job of navigating the storm correctly. Good luck for the coming months.

Hemant, received 4/19/2011, Woodrige, IL

Hi MCTO Team, Thanks for another great month. These are not easy markets to trade with all of the governmental and international influences right now, but I wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your diligence and the time and attention you spend trying to make informed decisions that have a high probability of success.  I am sure there will be leaner times, but it's wonderful to see the MCTO part of my portfolio doing so well.  Perhaps I'm being too conservative keeping 50% of my trading money in reserve - even with that and trading only a partial month in February, my total account is up about 12% in three months. Never have I had this experience before. I'm readjusting my trading allocations each month to keep 2/3 of my portfolio trading as the account grows. I think I've figured out the accounting and am keeping careful books every month, which is probably a total duplication of my statements from eOption, but I've found it a great learning experience both to better understand the jargon and the mechanics of the trades. I find the FAQ's on your website more and more helpful as my understanding grows and I can better appreciate what you are trying to explain. So thanks again! I really appreciate, and am most grateful for your efforts on our behalf!! All the best. 

Mark K, received 4/18/2011, Lafayette, CA

Thanks for the reply with the setup just in case it needs to be rolled, we'll need to see how things play out. Too bad this time seems like our strike might get pinned, but I'm still very pleased with the YTD performance, particularly the outcome after the Japanese earthquake/tsunami disaster, thanks for sticking to a 90% strategy.. a 70% strategy could have gone a lot worse in terms of p & l for the month of march. Hope to have more good times ahead, love the risk management from your team as well.

David Y, received 4/13/2011, Alexandria, VA

Hi Brad, I was able to place the order over the phone at the last minute. I received a credit of 50 cents for the trade (bull put spread 805/795). Thanks for your time and kind advice. You are doing very nice work and in appreciation I will make at least few referrals to you. Keep up the good work.

Muhammad N., received 4/11/2011, Granger, IN

Thanks Brad, This information is very helpful!  By the way, you're doing an amazing job. Very happy with your service, thank you so much!!!

Angel C., 4/4/2011, Yonkers, NY

Congratulations on a super month. I was more than a bit nervous mid-week but you turned out giving me a great month. Best one yet. I am sure glad that I ran across your site. Thanks for your efforts.

Don F., received 3/21/2011, Winston Salem, NC

First off I am satisfied with your very service so far. I made over $5000 with your Autotrade service so far with a $50,000 investment at ThinkorSwim since December 2010. You can quote me on this first paragraph.

Edward C., received 3/19/2011, Wauwatosa, WI

Well managed Brad. Appreciate your frequent communications. I'm a relatively new subscriber and am very pleased with your Service.

Bill F., received 2/18/2011, Clarks Summit, PA

Can you please cancel my subscription.  Thanks. I am just too busy at work right now to trade, but should have more time as we get closer to summer.  A great service.....love all your analysis!  I'll be back.

Bob B., received 2/17/2011, Chicago, IL

EXCELLENT EXPLANATION. I can sleep tonight irrespective of what happens. I really enjoy learning and watching you trade. I'm in this for the long term; hopefully being able to quit the day job one day.

Raymond J., received 2/17/2011

Hi Brad ĖAs an autotrade subscriber, really appreciate the focus on capital preservation and living to see another day.   Thank you for staying conservative.

Tina L., received 2/14/2011, Austin, TX

Great work on the January trades. I am thrilled with the profits. Just a heads up that I plan to increase my trading amount [through autotrade] in February and I have a few questions......

Raymond J., received 1/20/2011, Jacksonville, FL

Happy New Year Brad!! Thanks for your service. My wife and I are really glad we came across it last year and feel more confident about our trading. We've learned a lot from your advisories about how to analyze the markets select certain spreads. Thanks again.

Sossa K., received 1/4/2011, Dualatin, OR

Thanks for such a thorough explanation- I learn so much from you.  Really appreciate it.

Lisa G., received 1/2/2011

Hi MCTO team, I need to cancel my subscription for the time being. I need to use the cash in my portfolio to pay off a debt. You guys do a great job and I definitely plan to start back up in about 6 months. I tell everyone I know about your service and how extremely satisfied I am with it. Thanks for everything!

Capt. Steven F., received 12/23/2010

Hey Brad, this month has gone really wellÖdid you script it?  I was looking through the positions and it seems that most of them are at zero value right now, so we have collected [premium] everything we can collect....You really did do a great job this month.

Bob C., received 11/17/2010

Hi Brad,

Thank you for the info. Now I will let you get back to work on this important day of the cycle. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I would not attempt this type of trade on my own.

Don F., received 11/17/2010, Winston Salem, NC

Hi MCTO team,

I am extremely pleased with what has happened so far.  I guess you guys research all day and night and never sleep!

Evan B., received 11/16/2010, Burbank, CA

Thanks for taking the time with me for that extra trade today - You rock!

Natalie R., received 11/16/2010, Seattle, WA

Hi Brad,

Thanks again for your help. Not all newsletters take the time like you do to help its members. Thatís why I cancelled them and kept you guys!

Jason V., received 11/12/2010, Chicago, IL

To the MCTO Team:

I wanted to thank you for the excellent weekly reports. They are first rate.

Khaled J., received 11/11/2010, San Francisco, CA

Hi Brad, Thank you for your excellent customer service and allowing me to talk directly to you on the phone.  It's much appreciated.

Manhar K., received 11/9/2010, Fremont, CA

Hi Brad,

Iím not able to re-join you at this time.  The real estate market has slowed to basically nothing, so discretionary spending is on hold for awhile.  But at some point Iíll be able to re-join MCTO, so Iíd like to remain on your mailing list. Iím convinced you are the subscription service to belong to. Your research and analysis far exceed any other than Iím aware of.

Scott H., received 10/27/2010, Panama City, FL

Dear MCTO Team,

Keep up the good work! It was a good month.

Parish W., received 10/23/2010, Dallas, TX

You guys are BRILLIANT, I like your analyses and style. I enjoyed every and each of the weekly newsletters.

Andrzej J., received 8/18/10, Kilbride, United Kingdom

Hi Brad,

I wanted to let you know that your advisory is amazing and your weekly report is by far best in class. You guys do such a great job summarizing market fundamental and technical indicators. Itís great to see such a detailed and robust view of the economy and market conditions. Thanks again for all that you do.

Khaled J., received 2/17/10, Austin, TX

Thank you very much for the free trial offer. I truly enjoyed reading your newsletter. You provide detail and concise technical analyses with the necessary caution. Once I make up my mind to get back into the market I will surely consider your services. Thank you again.

Sam B., received 2/3/10, Columbia, MD


Iíve been a member of most every site out there and got rid of most all except yours and a few others, but yours is by far the best for information, response, and consistent performance. Donít ever go anywhere!

Jason T., received 2/2/10, Lexington, KY

You are doing a fantastic job :)  Keep up the good work!

Andre L., received 1/20/10, Raytown, MO

Hey Brad I signed up for the 30 day trial last week and just wanted to say that I am quite impressed by your website and service so far. Like many non-professional option traders, this isn't my 'job',  I don't have the time required to do it properly by myself, and I rely on the help of advisory newsletters to do the heavy lifting of the technical analysis, selections, sentiment, etc. Your service is the first I've come across so far that actually has a detailed and viable 'defense' towards a credit spread going ITM. I need to study it further, and will likely have some questions for you on it in the upcoming days if you don't mind. But it is great to see an answer other than "take it in the shorts and wipe out 4 months of profit" like so many other condor services out there.

Scott B., received 1/12/10, Fort Worth, TX

Brad, Thanks....I really appreciate how you support your subscribers. I've been very impressed so far !!

David W., received 12/15/09, Cameron, MO

Brad ~

By the way your market timing analysis is unlike any I have read. Iím very impressed to this point. Thanks, and have a great day.

Scott H. 12/2/09 Tallahassee, Fl

First off, your work is absolutely excellent. I tried out two services at the same time with similar options strategies and yours is far and away superior and more thorough and detailed, which is why I cancelled the other subscription and only subscribe to your service. Just so you know, the main reason I'm so positive about your service is your attention to detail and the weekly report you provide. It helps to see the thought process and work that goes behind the trade recommendations. I've highly recommended your service to my two bosses (and some other people) and they're asking about how it's going regularly, so hopefully I'll get more people on board for your service eventually. Keep up the great work and research.

Micah W., received 11/23/09, Boerne, TX

Hi Brad, Thanks for getting back....by the way, your advisories are teaching me a lot. I am very pleased with how easy they are to read and understand.

Adam M., received 11/23/09, Starke, FL

Thanks for your service. You do a great job and the education is nice.

Ken K., received 11/17/09, Wilsonville, OR

Thanks Brad Ė I'm really enjoying your service and making some money.

Craig T., received 10/30/09, Traverse City, MI

Thank you for getting back to my question.  BTW - I think the quality of your service is exceptional.

Panos K., received 10/27/09, Pearland, TX

Hi Brad, You have an excellent service and I did make money with it. Cannot argue with success.  It is that at the moment I am stepping aside on the market for personal reasons. I can assure you that I will rejoin your service shortly. I did find it interesting, informative, professional and successful. Thank you and I look forward to rejoining when I'm able.

Fironezo D., received 10/20/09, Melbourne Beach, FL

I have really enjoyed the service. I couple your analysis and utilize spread writing with hedging and money management to now operate an investment advisor business.  My net after fees was ~45% over the last year to clients. They love it. The hedging and money management protect from huge volatility even though it waters down the return. But the returns are large enough and compound so as to make this a very attractive passive investment for those who don't want to do it themselves. Minimum investment is $50K. Thanks again for your excellent weekly analysis.

Scott L., received 10/14/09, Queen Creek, AZ

Brad, I appreciate your availability. [through phone and email] As I delve into your system more fully I am sure I will have questions. I'll seek to answer them through study, but if I get stumped I'll give you a call.  Right now I just need to experience the mechanics of putting on the trades and it appears your FAQs and Learning Center will square me away.  Thanks again for being available. That means a lot.

Robert P., received 10/8/09, San Jose, CA

Dear Brad,  Although there is much value in your service, I found the basis for your trade recommendations to be nearly identical to my own.  However, I will recommend your service to anyone who is a novice to intermediate spread trader and I think your learning tools are excellent!!   Thanks again.

Andrew G., received 10/7/09, Saint Louis, MO

I want to stand aside for a while. This market is a little too scary for me.  I love your service and you guys are great. I'll be back!

Bill R., received 10/2/09, Erie, CO

Hi Brad,  What a wonderful hour we had! [when you presented to our investment club]  Everyone was impressed with you, your command of your strategy and the warmth with which you shared your knowledge.  Thank you again for taking the time to meet with us.

Ellen S., received 9/12/09, Boulder, CO

Thank you for taking the time to respond quickly! Your response helps my education and comfort level!

Ken K., received 9/3/09, Wilsonville, OR

Thanks again for your response and you should know that I subscribe to many newsletters and yours is the best for content, appearance, and results

Jason V., received 9/1/09, Lexington, KY

Great. Thanks very much Brad. I would like to emphasize that I really enjoy the detailed and clear explanations you have. I have read several of the articles and FAQís on your web site. I also like how you come across. One thing is. I know you are an engineer (by background). Engineers are very detail oriented and are up front. I feel and I have experienced that other newsletters always find a way to rationalize something that was not done correctly. Often they are not up front. They just want to sell you on stuff. Obviously $30 extra for auto-trading the SPY is worth it.

Manhar K., received 8/31/09, Superior, CO

Brad, Thanks for your note.  I'm finally willing to abandon my own amateurish, part-time and generally unprofitable attempts to be successful with options investing and to entrust the management of my options portfolio to the very professional and successful MCTO team.  One question about auto-trading ....

David T., received 8/28/09, Davidson, NC

HI Brad: Glad to be aboard. I've been using different advisories over the past year or so but I find your approach to risk management the best I've seen. Looking forward to active trading in the near future

Goeffrey P., received 8/14/09, Edmonton, Canada

I've been extremely impressed through my 30 day trial and thus signed
up yesterday when I received an email saying my trial had expired. I have a question about the current trade ....

Micah W., received 8/10/09, Boerne, TX

Thank you for the detailed responses and they all make sense.  I had been writing naked call options and making good returns for 4-5 months and did get killed one month on a very high beta stock (BIDU), so I have "found religion" to be more conservative and not be naked (especially on the down side with a market crash) .....  I do want to commend you on your overall approach, detailed responses on your web page, and your track record showing. I have looked at many services and your program is extremely solid.  Thank you again.

Ken K., received 7/29/09, Wilsonville, OR

Thanks so Much, I am learning while I'm earning... Nice

Roger E., received 7/16/09, San Jose, CA

Hey Ö love your info. I subscribe to a few newsletters but yours is the best.
Quick question....

Jason V., received 6/30/09, Lexington, KY

Brad, thank you for your detail explanation, I have got the free trial and I must say your newsletter is 1 of the best out there, most newsletter only give out the level to buy and sell but your include a detail analysis this will benefit subscriber to follow and learn at the same time.  I will be with you for a long long time. thank you brad

Phoo P., received 6/16/09, Fremont, CA

I find this [the MCTO advisory service] to be a great combination of technicals, analysis, and trade management. I am looking forward to navigating these markets together.

Roger E., received 6/1/09, San Jose, CA

Thanks for responding to my previous question so quickly-- I do appreciate the great customer service.

Don S., received 6/1/09, Rocky River, OH

Dear MCTO (Mr. Brad Reinard):

After a 30 day trial, during which I've learned a great deal I've decided to subscribe.  I've been an Optionetics student for the past 4 years, am familiar with Platinum [Options analysis software], and really like high probability trades and your approach to managing credit spreads. Your market analysis also makes sense to me. I'm looking forward to trading with your guidelines and being a continuing client.

Nandita B., received 5/31/09, Marshfiled, WI

Hi, I think your service is great. Not losing money anymore like before. Keep up the good work.

Don K., received 5/27/09, Bath, PA

Hi Brad, Thanks for your time in responding back to me and your well detailed advice & recommendation. You appear to be a detailed person, just as you do in your advisories.  I enjoyed reading your advisory and will keep you in mind once I can build up my account to start trading credit spreads.

Kofi A., received 5/1/09; Burtonsville, MD

Thanks for getting back to me that was very helpful. So far, I really like your service and have had three very successful months....Keep up the great work.

David H., received 4/24/09, Culver City, CA

You've come highly recommended to me by a trader friend of mine.  I just sent the web form for a trial membership and wanted to make sure that the request went through.....

Nandita B., received 4/8/09, Marshfield, WI

Hi Brad,

Thanks very much for your understanding and you kindness. I think you are an honorable man swimming in a sea full of sharks.

Earl M., received 4/4/09, Chatham, NJ

Yes you are right, I did luck out on this one and I learned what not to do next time.  Originally I was going to trade 20 options contracts but I think I'll stay in kindergarten for a while longer with under 5 credit spreads at a time.  Thanks again for your great follow up and market advice in the newsletters.

Terry L., received 2/22/09, Springfield, OR

Dear MCTO-

Thank you for getting back to me.  I want to reiterate that I have nothing but praise for your options advisory service.  I've been using you guys for the last 2 years and I believe that I now have a full understanding of credit spreads and that I'm confident enough to trade on my own.  Thank you for all of your help and education over the years and giving me a new way to make extra income.

Brian S., received 12/20/08, Falls Church, VA


Thanks for the info on the Dec 630/640 bull put spread.  By the way, I've looked around at some other credit spread & iron condor services and once again must say your Advisory is superior and contains more detail.

Brent B., received 12/15/08, Tulsa, OK

Thank you for the very professional explanations and strategic advice in your emails over the past weekend. The MCTO team stepped up under very challenging market conditions and prepared superb explanations and trade recommendations. The Team obviously put a lot of thought and effort into seeking possible solutions to a horrible market situation. Most importantly, the Team demonstrated concern for its client's portfolios and offered solid and very timely recommendations. Please express my thanks for the extra effort to the MCTO Team. Well done!

Craig C., received 10/13/08, Nellysford, VA


Thanks for the email.  Definitely interested in continuing to be a member and value your options advisory service greatly.   Thanks again and look forward to the future together!

Dave C., received 9/30/08, Amherst, NY

Thanks for the insight Brad.  I find your derivatives newsletter and trade recommendations very informative and look forward to continue as a subscriber.

Michael B., received 9/27/08, Jacksonville, FL


Thanks for the offer of telephone support. Maybe my questions are a little premature.  I'll start trading a small number of credit spreads through Option Express to get a feel for things first.   FYI - I like how your advisories are well written, very clear and precise.

Brent B., received 9/8/08, Tulsa, OK


I'm sorry but I am going to have to take a pause on my options advisory subscription.  I like your service very much and have made some money but I don't have time currently to pursue this due to family business that requires too much of my time. Thank you very much for your great service and I'll be returning when I free up.

Dennis B., received 9/4/08, Coeur d'Alene, ID

As always thanks for the info. Thought you may want to know I have been trading your recommended iron condors with a small amount for 2 months. Itís been a little scary i.e. July [2008],  but I continue to reread your website [Learning Center] and slowly gain confidence. As a new subscriber I could not be more happy with your service. My plan was and is to slowly work into this and increase the money with my confidence level. So far Iím negative in my returns and the beauty is I understand the reason why. With that understanding comes the joy of knowing I will understand this and with this comes profit! You do a great job of answering the dumb questions us nervous new investors ask.

Mike T., received 8/26/08, Laveen, AZ


I did receive your email today.  Thanks.  I must say, it was a relief to find your site.  There are so many ridiculous claims all over the web as well as in IBD [Investors Business Daily] about trading options.  I have an account with OptionsXpress and have been trading options for a few years now.  The only strategy that has consistently worked well for me was credit spreads and condors which is what attracted me to your site.  So far I'm confident that MCTO will help further refine my skills (especially with adjustments) and help out with analysis.

Michael S., received 8/26/08, Shelton, CT


I really like your options advisory service--particularly your communication with us during difficult times that we sometimes go through.  I am a long time credit spread trader, but I've learned a lot from your commentary and site.  I particularly like the idea of having two accounts.  I have always attacked this problem by using 2 indexes ie along with the RUT I use the IWM ETF. Keep up the good work!

Bert R., received 8/12/08, Houston, TX

Dear Bradford,

I'm stopping the service for now since I plan to step back from the markets.  It's getting too volatile for me.  I think your service is great and really appreciate your comments/take on the markets, and the charts are excellent!  I plan on returning to your service when all of this comes about. Thanks you for your excellent service.

Sandra G., received 8/1/08, Boone, NC


Thanks for taking the time to get back to me.  My broker had new software that took a while to close out the spreads.  Your MCTO strategies are great.  I look forward to being a long-term subscriber.  Thanks for a profitable month.

Chadd N., received 6/25/08, Santa Clara, CA

Brad & Rob,

I am really enjoying the service you provide.  Your team has helped me put together the last few concepts I have been toying with for a number of years.  I've been trading a small sum for the last 6 months and am up 25% simple return.  That is pretty amazing considering the first month (Jan) losses and what the rest of the market has been doing.  I actually find myself cheering on the down days because they are good to this approach!  I have always had the dream of building a small investment company and I think this is a very good strategy to employ with other consulting inputs and a very conservative money management approach.  My intent is to bring this kind of trading benefit to those who can't or won't employ it but want someone else to do it for them.  I can profit from that.  While I will be doing my own analysis and positioning when I launch my business, I find your service to be a cornerstone of valuable information, perspective, and reality check for the direction I'm taking.  Thanks and keep up the good work!

Scott L., received 6/10/08, Queen Creek, AZ

Hello Brad,

Thank you so much for emailing me back. I'm with Etrade and I just talked to them today and they charge for the whole spread.  I just have to thank you again for your program my account is doing awesome with less stress. You have a client forever. Have a great day.

Kerry U., received 5/28/08, Mesa, AZ

Hi Bradford,

I don't know if you remember me.  We met at a presentation you gave in San Francisco in early 2007.  I tested your service for a few months and then left to get more options training through Optionetics.  Over the past year I have traded both options using Optionetics Publications and stocks using Investools methods.  The result over his last year is that I am at about break-even.  I noticed that the most consistent profits were made using options. Stocks are O.K. if you have an iron stomach and a lot of time.  Anyway, you seem to have a good track record and your conservative credit trades consistently make money.  I will still practice the stocks, but I need to generate income which is what this is all about.  Keep up the good work.

Steve P., received 5/16/08, San Ramon, CA

Hi MCTO Team,

I really like your service but I donít have enough money to play the system so I am going into a fund that does the same thing you do.  Thanks for the trial, I love it.  If my account was big enough, [i.e. had more than $2000] your service would be way I would go.

Francis S., received 4/7/08, Wheaton, IL

MCTO team,

Thank you for putting so much info in your learning center.  This has allowed me to ramp up very quickly on credit spreads.  Keep up the good work.

Tim M., received 3/19/08, Portland, OR

Dear Rob & Brad,

When my original trial ends, start me up as regular subscriber. I understand better how the credit spreads work, and thanks to the emails you continued to send me, this month I have been able to make some money. Your guidance is very helpful and I want to thank you for it.

Simon W., received 3/17/08, Miami Beach, FL

Hi Brad & Rob,

Your service is excellent. Very informative especially on the weekly updates with information on the interpretation of the charts. I think my trading style is suited for more directional trades. Nothing wrong with your service. Keep up the great work. I might in the future come back to trade this way [sideways trading] along with my current style.

Chris R, received 2/21/08, Wellington, FL

Now the question to answer is when will [the S&P500 index] break-out, how hard will it move, and in what direction?  This is why I can't trade directional and prefer to sell premium [i.e. bring in cash monthly] with your advise.

Mack Bird, received 2/21/08, Eastman, GA

Dear MCTO-

Just wanted to alert you guys that I updated my credit card information and wanted to be sure I wasn't double charged for the month.  You all provide a terrific service, keep up the good work!

Brian S., received 2/28/08, Falls Church, VA

Dear MCTO,

I am enjoying the detail you provide about the market.  It compliments the trade recommendations very well.  It is very helpful to understand your thinking when a trade is recommended.  I have tried a couple of other credit spread services and your is better than both in terms of the explanation. 

Carmen M., received on 1/7/08, Olympia, WA

I have not yet joined but so far I am SO impressed with you guys!!

Colleen R, received 1/17/08, Puyallup, WA

Even though the markets have been volatile this month has been very profitable for me.

Thanks for your excellent service.

Don S., received 12/19/07, Arvada, CO

Thanks for all your help  [to learn credit spreads] Brad.  I now feel I can go it alone so I wish to cancel. Your service is great and it has helped me make over $100,000 in the last year!

Ken A., received 12/18/07, Bradenton, FL



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