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Option Trading

Why Options?

When options are traded correctly and carefully they can generate a higher percentage return for a given level of risk, versus buying stocks. Options provide more leverage and better control and predictability of risk, unlike what can be obtained with buying stocks outright. Most people who have been trading options for a few years eventually find themselves only buying and/or writing options and completely avoiding stocks all together.

You've probably heard about hedge funds that produce higher returns, traditionally targeted to high net worth individuals. One way that hedge funds generate higher returns and control risk is that they leverage the power of options.  In contrast, most mutual funds do not leverage options and usually only buy stocks long. Therefore, if you want to participate in the power of options and get higher returns one approach is to write a check for a minimum of $50,000 to buy into a hedge fund, pay a hefty up-front load and ongoing monthly management fee, and let someone else manage your money while taking the risk that it's a Ponzi scheme; or you can manage your own money starting with as little as $1000, requiring only a few hours of work per week using our advisory service, and you can learn a new, powerful investment strategy while your at it.


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 90% Probability Trades

We primarily leverage 90% probability credit spreads versus 70% probability spreads that many other advisories use.  Find out why.

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 Top Reasons To Learn

Top reasons why you should learn index credit spreads and iron condors FIRST before spending time on any other strategy.

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 How We Use Market Timing

We spend a lot of time monitoring macro-level economic and investor sentiment indicators to reduce downside risk and to time our trades.

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