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Alternative Investments

Have you heard about alternative investments before? As the term suggests, they are types of investment that are different from the traditional types of investment used in order to reduce the risk involved in traditional types of assets; and this is done through the diversification of investment. The diversification of investment does not include stock, cash and bonds because these are the types of assets involved in the traditional investment.

Credit Spread

When the value of security bought by an investor is lower than the value of the security sold by the same investor, it is called credit spread. In other words, it is a term used to refer to the positive difference between the value of security sold and that of security bought by an investor. The difference is the profit the investor has and so, the investor will have some credit in his account. Investors employ this option strategy for increasing their income and reducing their losses.

Option Strategy

What Option Strategy Will You Choose? Has this ever happened to you? You read across information pertaining to trading online, day trading, and you can’t seem to make sense of any of it? It seems that there is always an exception, but the truth is that knowing what option strategy is right for you is half the battle. Not everyone is in the same financial position, and not everyone is geared to trade. This is why MCTO is available to help beginners understand where to start, and to help those who have been trading to be more selective.

Option Trading 

Is Option Trading the Way to Go? Let’s face it. Most people want to know that when they invest that they will get something back on their return. Generating additional profits is the reason that people invest, but we understand that some of you would like to know if option trading is really better and why. This is why Monthly Cash Thru Options exists, and why MCTO takes the time to teach you why and how you can do it.

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