Trade & Market Update – DOW Index (INDU) Demonstrating Considerable Strength

Advanced Q3 GDP met expectations that the US economy is now growing at an annualized 3.5% rate.  This is the first growing quarter in a year, and most likely it’s the long awaited signal telling us that the recession is over.   The market is responding by having a strong UP day.   Over the last week the DOW (INDU) pulled back but is showing considerable strength by holding above its 50 day simple moving average (SMA), and as of today it’s back above its 30 day SMA.   (Please refer to Sunday’s advisory to view the upward sloping channel and the moving averages)   The SPY pulled

back to just below its upward sloping channel and its 50 day SMA, and with today’s rally it’s back above the 50 day line and has moved back inside the channel.  This also is bullish and is demonstrating strength.    The RUT, on the other hand, overreacted and dropped below its upward sloping channel and its 50 day SMA, but it did, so far, hold above its 100 day SMA near 565.   With the DOW showing considerable strength, and the S&P 500 index successfully back inside its channel and above its 50 day line, there is a good chance that the small cap investors will want to “catch up” and possibly take this big pull-back in the RUT as a buying opportunity.   We believe that the RUT will meander upward over the next few days giving us a better opportunity to open our top November bear call spreads.   Therefore, let’s be patient and wait a few more days.  The bear call spread strike prices that we show in Sunday’s advisory are no longer valid and we’ll have to reset them in the next few days.   And per the bottom bull put spread, we most likely will wait until after the employment numbers come out next Friday.

Here are the events over the next week that could move the markets and that we need to monitor:

1) Earnings  –  However, half of the S&P 500 earnings are already in, 80% have met or exceeded expectations, about 60% exceeded top-line revenue growth expectations, which is good, but investors are not impressed.  Therefore, earnings information is already priced into the market and investors are back to watching, and reacting to, economic data.

2) Chicago PMI comes out tomorrow, Friday.  So as long as this is OK, the DOW and SPY should continue to hold steady or gently climb and the RUT might climb a little faster.   Refer to Sunday’s advisory for details on the economic calendar.

3) The ISM manufacturing index comes out on Monday the 2nd and if it’s OK the market should hold steady or climb, and the RUT might/should climb a little faster to catch up to the strength that is exhibited by the DOW.

4) Unemployment comes out on Friday the 6th and most likely this number will be bad, economists are expecting the unemployment rate to hit 9.9%, and most likely it will.  When this happens, this will put a damper on the overall market and our short lived bounce rally will be over for a few weeks.  Thus, we need to open our top bear call spreads before the unemployment number comes out on Friday the 6th.  Right after this number comes out, and if we have a strong DOWN day as we are expecting, this is when we’ll start to open our bottom November bull put spreads.

As soon as we set our new options strike prices we’ll send out an email advisory to all MCTO subscribers.

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