Trade Update – Thoughts about bringing in more RUT Jan bear call spreads

Question:  If it appears that we can still get into the RUT Jan 670/680 Bear Call for a decent premium, would you suggest doing so; or is the 670 more than obtainable by expiry with small caps catching up?  According to TOS it looks like the 670 has a 94% chance of expiring worthless.  Not a bad % w/ 6 trading days left.  What do you think? 

Response:   I think I’m going to wait for the unemployment number to come out on Friday.  I believe there is a reasonable chance the number will be good, possibly showing the first positive jobs growth in 23 months, and the market could have a strong UP day giving us one last opportunity to bring in some premium on the top spread.   I’m hesitating to bring in more RUT 670/680s and would prefer to click-up and bring in some 680/690s.

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