Question about closing just the short call leg and letting the long call leg ride

Question:   Per our RUT Mar 680/690 bear call spread, if I want, can I just close out the short leg of the  spread?  That is I “buy to close” the short 680 call an leave the long 690 call open.  Would this be expensive, and a good strategy?

Answer:   You could if you wish, but I don’t recommend it.  In order to buy back the short leg it will be really expensive.  And, I’m not convinced that the market will climb any more.  On the other hand, if I thought the market was going to continue to rally for the next week, this would be a good strategy.  Let’s look at the numbers as of March 11, 2010:

 To close out the RUT Mar 680/690 bear call spread it would cost a debit of $2.55

To BTC the 680 leg it would cost a debit of $3.85

To STC the 690 leg we would collect $1.30 credit


 You can see that if we just hold onto the long 690 call, it will cost us $1.30 and the RUT would need to continue to rally in order for this long 690 call to pay off.

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