Question about setting autotrade amount per trade and how it impacts existing trades for Option Trading

Question:  If I increase my autotrade option trading amount to $10,000 per trade, but already have qty 8 of the RUT Dec 670/680 Bull Put Spread that was placed in my account when my autotrade amount was set to $8,000/trade, should I expect the autotrade service to know to handle only 8 contracts, for example if we were forced to roll the RUT Dec 670/680 bull put spread into January?

Answer:  Yes, the Monthly Cash Thru Options autotrade option trading service would only roll 8 contracts of the RUT Dec 670/680 bull put spread into January, if we needed to roll it.  The new cash level per trade that you select for autotrading will not affect the existing spreads and adjustments that we make to them.  You can change your autotrade cash amount per trade at anytime, even mid-stream during the month,  and not impact existing trades.

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